Nermana Huskic                    Founder and Executive              

                       Nermana Huskic

                   Founder and Executive 






After taking a humanitarian trip to Bosnia in December 2016, RukaNade was founded on the notion that there are families around the world who are in immediate need of assistance. The ever-growing idea of providing humanitarian aid to families and individuals perpetuated itself as the creation of a new nonprofit organization. The work being done here manifests itself in Bosnia, where the organization's roots originated from. Meanwhile, work is simultaneously being done in Saint Louis, the organization's hometown. As a new and up-and-coming nonprofit, our footing is small with several humanitarian projects in Bosnia and attention to Saint Louis' homelessness prevalence. We are relying on your contributions to help us expand and maximize our reach.


Our Mission

We're a non-profit organization seeking to enhance the lives of individuals in the USA and abroad, who are affected by both relative and absolute poverty. We aim to give an immediate and permanent solution for those who need a helping hand.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
— Anne Frank

What We've Achieved

  • Helped over 20 Families in Bosnia with clothing, food, utilities, and shelter. 
  • Partnered with Gateway 180 and Serving with the badge to help feed the homeless. 
  • Shipped packages of clothes to families in Bosnia struggling to survive the winter season. 
  • Provided care packages for homeless living in Saint Louis.